Owner Manager Programme

The Programme is designed to help business owners and managers to successfully run their business.

Our Owner Manager Programme is designed to help your business develop and operate to it’s full potential. We will show you how to:

  1. Identify the critical issues in your business
  2. Identify the underlying challenges
  3. Identify and implement actions to deal with these.

As an entrepreneur you likely have little time, after all you are already dedicating every spare minute to building your business – but are you working smart or are you just working hard? The course will cover area’s such as the following:
Business Owner Managers Programme

  1. Generating idea’s
  2. Working ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ the business
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Business Strategy
  5. Flexible Thinking
  6. How to leverage limited resources
  7. Determining target customers
  8. Entrepreneurial qualities & work style
  9. Food for thought from a business expert
  10. Building a team
  11. Finance & working capital
  12. Thinking like an Entrepreneur
  13. Critical success factors to your business
  14. The cumulative effect on the bottom line of small improvements in various items

To book your place please e-mail dave@fhm.ie  OR Secure your place by clicking below to pay a €300  (+VAT) deposit


  • Dave Jordan, Cada Media Limited

    I attended the owner manager course run by Dave Howick in Nov / Dec 2019. The course has helped to bring structure and focus to my business. It has helped me to plan next year and provide an overview of my entire business. I am also implementing what I have learned in my wife’s business. The course has helped me to take a birds-eye view of the company and make strategic improvements.

  • Mairead Hurley, Head of Childminding Services, Childminding Ireland

    The course has given me time to think and has served as something of a reality check. It has helped me to identify self-fixes and to set achievable goals. Dave gets us to question everything we are doing and why we are doing it, all with the objective of continuous improvement.

  • Hugh Kenny, Managing Director, Coatek

    Attending the course has helped me with dissecting the business and this has helped in identifying profitable and less profitable elements of the business to be worked on. It has also helped me make decisions on the company’s future focusing primarily on the next 1 to 5 years. Would strongly recommend this course to any self-employed person as it really enables you to focus on the important parts of your business to help achieve growth.

Duration & Booking

The course runs for 2 hours p.w. for 6 weeks.

Courses run every 2 months and places can be booked by e-mailing dave@fhm.ie.

FHM - Forever Helping Management

At FHM Accountants We actively encourage business referrals between our clients and we also are very proactive in helping businesses to grow through support and information to our clients and by organisation business events, such as Business Networking Events and Owner Manager Business Courses.

Along with our Business Mentoring services, we have previously run Business Seminars which have now progressed on to our Owner Manager Programme which runs every two months.

You can read some testimonials and view some images of our past seminars below.

We also host bi-monthly Business Network Meetings at our premises in Gorey for Gorey Business Network, click here to learn more

Testimonials from Business Seminars

  • Ruth Mills Westley QFA, Southeast Financial ServicesRuth Mills Westley QFA, Southeast Financial Services

    "Southeast Financial Services pride ourselves on great service, product knowledge and a client experience second to none. We expect people we deal with to have the same attention to detail and pride in their work as we do. I feel we got this and much more during this seminar.

    I would like to thank Dave and Justin from FHM, Alan Kelly from AF Kelly and associates and special guests Philip Cullen, Lisa Stacey and Cathal O’Sullivan for a great event. Even though I have had the pleasure of using many of the services from the various speakers for many years, I feel I learned a lot and intend to use some of the tips to grow my business further.

    I would strongly advise anyone that is serious about growing their business to attend one of these seminars without delay. Even if you only pick up one or two nuggets that can be applied to your business, make the time and it should set you up to take advantage of any opportunities in the coming year.

    If you don’t want to grow your business next year, that’s your business but if you do, then the Business Growth Seminar is the business."

  • Patrick Neville, Matrix Resources LimitedPatrick Neville, Matrix Resources Limited

    "Thanks for the invite to the business seminar last evening.

    The presenters were well-prepared, informative and helped focus the mind on business strategy.
    In addition I managed to meet local business people, share ideas and hopefully will do business with some of their associates in 2015."

  • Mary Eastwood, Director, Quick Company FormationsMary Eastwood, Director, Quick Company Formations

    "I wanted to let you know how pleased I was to be at your event on Tuesday evening in the Ashdown Park Hotel in Gorey and thank you for inviting me. The event was extremely well run and the timing was perfect, everything worked well and each of the speakers gave pieces of good advice and guidance for our businesses.

    I particularly liked how you ended the session which really allowed the attendees to ask the whole group for introductions to their target market. Personally the introduction to Michelle in Augustus Cullen Solicitors is excellent for my company and already we are talking about a current piece of business that we can do together.

    Thanks again for the invitation, it was very beneficial, please let me know when you are running the next one in 2015.

    Wishing you and Justin a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year."

  • Lisa Stacey, Managing Director,  WebArtLisa Stacey, Managing Director, WebArt

    "I attended the Business Growth Seminar hosted by FHM last night and was very impressed with how informative it was and the extremely professional way it was run.  I found the presentations by both Alan and Dave provided extremely useful practical business growth tips and ideas.  

    The questions and answers session with Justin and the panel of business owners was also very useful and enjoyed participating in that section.  It was great to meet other ambitions business owners and listen to their questions and input also.  

    Overall I found it to be an excellent event from which I have come away with lots of motivating information and all this was presented in a very concise format finishing right on time.  I would highly recommend these business growth seminars run by FHM to anyone in business and I know I am certainly looking forward to attending the next one."

  • Kay Halford, Halford’s Hair StudioKay Halford, Halford’s Hair Studio

    "Hi Dave and Justin

    Firstly I would like to thank you both sincerely for organising the business growth seminar last evening ...your professional enthusiastic and knowledge of business Management was of great benefit to me as manager of Halfordshairstudio here in Gorey . I would also like to compliment the four speakers who spoke so openly and honestly about there business . I would highly recommend any business owner or manager to attend one of these seminars in the future."

  • Karen Power, Wexford

    "Last nights seminar was the most helpful to me for someone who is considering starting up their own new business.

    What I found most helpful was there was someone there who spoke about the different stages of their company which answered so many of my fearful questions that I had and reassured me that “YES I CAN DO THIS”.

    Being showed simple figures with a little advice especially the difference in the figures as to what 15% increase could result in a final figure, the networking figures and also the honesty of the people who spoke about their business.

    Their mistakes, what to watch out for, where to look for advice , the benefits of this seminar is going to be priceless to me and my new venture.

    Who knows maybe next year I could become on of those business people who could inspire someone like me to follow the idea and see it through.

    All I can say is a huge thank you to you all for sharing your wisdom and please continue to do so."

  • Clodagh Doyle, PlaceliftClodagh Doyle, Placelift

    "Good morning Justin and Dave,

    Just to say thank you, I really enjoyed the seminar! What I found most interesting was Dave's figures - the effect increased sales and conversions had on the bottom line over a period of time. Its common sense, however if you document and plan these target figures it should make all the difference with driving it forward.

    The networking opportunity at the end was very beneficial and I like how brisk and to the point it was - no waffling!

    I will be in touch in mid-January to make the switch over.

    Thanks again and happy Christmas."

  • Cathal O’Sullivan, O’Sullivans Auto, WexfordCathal O’Sullivan, O’Sullivans Auto, Wexford

    "I attended the Business Growth Seminar in the Ashdown Park Hotel Gorey on Tuesday the 9th December last. I found the presentation by both Dave Howick and Alan Kelly to be very informative and engaging.

    I was especially impressed with the whole concept of expanding your circle of potential customers by tapping into other people’s networking contacts. The way your contacts can grow exponentially by focusing on all networking opportunities really gave me lots of new ideas in ways to get my message out and meet more people.

    At the end of the presentation everyone in the room was given an opportunity to say what was the best type of contact that could benefit their business and I have no doubt that business was done among the participants on the night."

  • Ed Whelan M.P.S.I., Whelan’s PharmacyEd Whelan M.P.S.I., Whelan’s Pharmacy

    "I, Ed Whelan, from Whelans Pharmacy on St. Michael's Road in Gorey attended the 'How to build a better business' seminar organised by FHM Chartered Accountants on Tue, 9th Dec. As a business owner who is just 15 months in business, I found the seminar immensely useful to me for a number of reasons.

    These include:
    1) Great overview provided of the most effective ways to not only get new customers in to my business, but also how to retain them
    2) The importance of putting effective structures in place so I can delegate appropriately
    3) Why it is so important to keep in regular contact with my customers and how to do it
    4) The benefits of creating a 'perceived USP' and hence, being different from my competition
    5) How to provide the best customer service possible, right down to the little but important things -eg. FHM use the data on their system to send out a birthday card to all their customers. I will now do likewise because I know not one of my competitors do this and so it enhances my customer goodwill and retention
    6) Very informative Q&A session on the many issues facing business owners in today's environment

    I am particularly grateful to all involved for the 'nuggets' of information that I am certain will benefit my business. I therefore have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this seminar to anyone in business and I would regard it as the best money and time you will ever spend."

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