Top 10 Tax Tips

Energy Efficient Equipment

Businesses that purchase outright certain new equipment can get full capital allowances in year 1 instead of the normal period of 8 years.  Examples include certain types of lighting, IT, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, catering and hospitality equipment.  Full list can be viewed on 

Entrepreneur Relief

Reduced Capital Gains rate of 10% will apply to individuals on the disposal in whole or in part of qualifying business assets up to a limit of €1m of chargeable gains.  Assets must be owned for at least 3 years, certain other criteria apply.

Employment and Investment Incentive (EII)

The EII provides up to 40% tax relief for investments in certain corporate trades. The scheme allows an individual to obtain tax relief on investments for shares in certain companies up to €150k p.a. Initially relief is allowed on 75% of the investment.  The balance is allowed in year 4 once conditions are met.

JobsPlus Incentive

Tax-free payments of €7,500 over 2 years for each recruit who was unemployed for more than 12 months and €10,000 for each recruit who was unemployed for more than 24 months.  Since 01.01.15 the qualifying period for jobseekers aged under 25 has been reduced to 4 months. Terms apply.

Consider Employing Spouse or your child

Many spouse’s perform administration / credit control / bookkeeping work.  If so consider making them an employee as a married couple with two incomes can earn an extra €24,800 at the low tax rate. Your children would have personal tax credits to use if employed and work in the business.

Capital Allowances for Cars

Where a car is used for business capital allowances may be claimed for the cost of the car.  For cars bought after 01.07.08 with CO2 emissions less than 156 g/km the deemed cost for income tax purposes is €24,000, regardless of the actual cost.

Subsistence / Mileage

An employee or company director may claim tax free subsistence from their company when away from base on business purposes for more than 5 or 10 hours respectively, from 1st July 2015 distance must be 8km or more, rate is €14.01 for 5hrs but less than 10hrs.  They may also claim mileage for business use of a personal car up to 59c per km depending on engine size and amount of annual travel.

Rent a Room Relief

Income from renting a room in your home is exempt from tax, provided it does not exceed the limit of €12,000 in 2016 and €14,000 from 2017. Where more than one person is entitled to the rent the limit is divided between them.

BIK – €500 annual exemption

Where an employer provides an employee (including directors) with a small benefit such as gift vouchers with a value not exceeding €500 no tax is due.

Medical Expenses

You can claim for medical expenses and prescriptions against the lower rate of tax. Eg GP, hospital, some dental, even food for coeliacs/diabetics.  Nursing home fees are allowed at the high rate of tax.