Oct 31, 2019 News, Tax Tips

Using a Vehicle For Your Business

Do you use your car (or van) for business?

Do you fully understand the tax implications?

We ran a series of articles on this topic previously and we have been asked by several people to run them again.

Most business owners will use a vehicle in the course of running their business, at least to some degree. From a tax point of view this is an opportunity to get things very right or very wrong and it is good to understand this BEFORE buying a new vehicle. We are going to re-run our series of 7 articles over the next 7 days outlining some of the issues that business owners should be aware of in this regard. If you are thinking of changing your vehicle you should ensure that you understand the tax implications first. The type of vehicle you drive, how you choose to finance the purchase of that vehicle and whether you operate as a sole trader or a Limited Company can all have significant tax implications when it comes to using a vehicle for business.

This series of articles are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute professional advice. To make an appointment to discuss any of the issues raised in these articles and the services we provide please e-mail dave@fhm.ie. Article 1 will be posted tomorrow.